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Good, Better, Best Series: Everyman Weekend Warrior Budget - 2020 Tacoma Build - Lockers and Gears

Good, Better, Best Series: Everyman Weekend Warrior Budget - 2020 Tacoma Build - Lockers and Gears

Good, Better, Best Series: Everyman Weekend Warrior Budget - 2020 Tacoma Build 


Welcome to our Good, Better, Best series! Whether you have a tight budget or a little extra to spend, we have a build for you. Today, we’re excited to introduce our Everyman Weekend Warrior budget. This build is designed for those who want to transform their 2020 Tacoma into the ultimate adventure vehicle without breaking the bank. 


What You’ll Learn in This Post: 

  1. Wheels and Tires: The best options for durability and performance. 
  1. Suspension: Upgrading to a Dobinson's suspension system. 
  1. Rock Sliders: Essential protection for any offroad adventure 
  1. Bumpers and Recovery: Essential recovery gear and bumper options. 
  1. Roof Racks: Enhancing functionality and style. 
  1. Skid Plates: Protecting your investment with quality skid plates. 


Starting with the Basics: Wheels and Tires 

One of the first upgrades for any off-road build is the wheels and tires. For our Everyman Weekend Warrior Tacoma, we opted for a 17” Fuel Off Road Hype wheel with a -10 offset. This setup provides an aggressive look without causing a whole lot of rubbing issues. We paired these wheels with 285/70-R17 Toyo Open Country RT tires, which offer excellent on-road manners and off-road capability. 


Suspension: Lifting Your Tacoma 

Next, we focused on suspension. We selected a Dobinson's system for its balance of performance and affordability. Here’s what we used: 

This combination allows us to fine-tune the ride height and ensure a balanced setup. Remember, if you’re planning to install 33-inch tires, a lift of at least two inches is necessary to avoid rubbing issues. Additionally, consider body mount chops and upgraded upper control arms to maintain proper alignment. 


Essential Protection: Rock Sliders 

Before any offroad adventure, rock sliders should be considered a top purchase. They protect your vehicle's rocker panels and provide a sturdy step for accessing your roof rack. For our build, we chose: 

These rock sliders are designed to withstand heavy impacts and offer reliable protection in the most rugged conditions. 


Bumpers and Recovery Gear 

For any serious off-roader, having reliable recovery gear is a must. We chose front and rear bumpers that include recovery points: 

A winch is essential for self-recovery, allowing you to tackle challenging trails with confidence. Our rear bumper also features a hidden hitch, offering improved clearance without any cutting. 


Adding Functionality with Roof Racks 

Roof racks are not only practical but also add a rugged aesthetic to your Tacoma. We installed a no-drill, no-cut roof rack that includes a 40-inch light bar for extra illumination during nighttime adventures. This setup allows you to store gear outside the truck bed, freeing up space for other essentials. Check out the roof rack we used: 


Protecting Your Investment: Skid Plates 

To protect the underside of our Tacoma, we turned to Hefty Fabworks for their comprehensive aluminum skid plate package. These skid plates cover the entire underside, from the front differential to the transfer case, providing robust protection against rocks and debris. 



Conclusion: The Ongoing Build 

Even after all these upgrades, our build is never truly finished. The beauty of off-roading is that there’s always room for improvement and customization. We’ll continue to tweak and upgrade our Everyman Weekend Warrior Tacoma, adding new parts and accessories as we find them. Stay tuned to our blog and YouTube channel for the latest updates on this build and other projects. Whether you’re just starting your off-road journey or looking to take your rig to the next level, we hope our series inspires you to get out there and explore. 


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Thank you for joining us on this journey. We hope our Everyman Weekend Warrior build inspires you to start your own adventure!


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