M Matthew Magnuson


Oct 13, 2023

What Are They And Do I Need Them?

This is a very common question we are asked about our SSO Slimline Hybrid Bumpers.  By reading this, we hope to help make your decision a little easier.  

To Cut or Not to Cut, that is the question.

The Universal Access Holes are cutouts in the Slimline Hybrid Bumper.  They allow the winch to be easily accessible from the front.  Have ever had your wireless controller die or just stop working?  Then you need to plug in the remote direction into the winch.  Or if you need to use the spool handle to let the line free-spool?  The access hole cutouts allow you to be able to reach the winch from the front.  This is opposed to reaching down in front of your engine bay and trying to do the same thing, plugging in a remote, or reaching for the spool handle.  They also take a tiny bit of weight off the bumper if your keeping track of every ounce.

Now for the downside which I see more as an inconvenience than a true negative.  Besides the aesthetics of wanting a closed front, there are now two open holes in the front of the bumper.  This means general road debris, water, sand, and mud are susceptible to entering your bumper.  I know from personal experience, throttling it through a muddy area will one hundred percent send mud up there.  And if you are running a winch, it will have to be another thing you will fully have to clean after the trip.  

As I mentioned in the beginning, you do not need them as you can still access the winch from other areas.  The answer really comes down to your personal preference.  First of all, are you running a winch or planning to soon?  If you are not, it comes down to aesthetics.  If you are, how often do you plan on using it and which method do you think would be more useful for your purposes?  

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