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Southern Style 03-09 GX470 Aluminum Roof Rack with 40" light bar cutout


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The Southern Style OffRoad 03-09 GX470 Roof Rack is a ruggedly lightweight rack that allows the utmost flexibility for your cargo with 3″x 1″ slotted aluminum extrusions as the crossbars. Aerodynamic in design, the all-aluminum 03-09 GX470 Roof Rack comes standard with 8 aluminum crossbars. Additional crossbars are available for purchase. The frame is finished with a matte black powder coat and attached to the 03-09 GX470 with supplied mounting brackets at the OEM locations and front support with a rubber foot. The front wind fairing is sealed to the roof with a soft rubber bulb for the least amount of wind noise. Enhance your roof rack with either Baja or Rigid lights to provide additional lighting for your outdoor adventures.

The flat top and t slot crossbars allow for an endless combination of accessories, tools, or even rooftop tents to be attached.

Standard features:

  • NO DRILLING IS REQUIRED. Uses all OEM bolts and rubber bulb trim to seal against the roofline.
  • Matte black powder-coated side rails and wind fairing
  • Only 1.5″ taller than the OEM roofline
  • 3″ x 1″ cross rails with slotted tracks on all sides come standard in anodized black with black bolts
  • 760 lb static weight capacity, 300 lb while in motion
  • 40″ Lightbar cutout Wind Fairing

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