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Nitro Gear & Axle 16-23 Tacoma 8.75" Gear Package Kit

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Larger tires often lead to a loss in performance, fuel efficiency, and constant transmission gear "hunting" due to a shift in the engine's optimal RPM range. The Nitro Gear Package Kit addresses this issue by allowing you to re-gear the differentials in your 2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma, bringing it back into its optimal operating RPM range. This not only improves performance but also reduces strain on your vehicle's drivetrain, especially crucial for modern vehicles with tall factory gearing and overdrive transmissions. 

It’s a common misconception that gear changes are reserved only for hardcore off-roaders or trucks with huge tires. However, re-gearing is one of the single most beneficial modifications you can make to keep the performance, economy, and durability of your daily-driven 4x4. This is a mod for anyone with larger tires, increased weight, or increased performance on stock vehicles for towing or increased acceleration. The gear ratios of 4.88 or 5.29 are specifically tailored to accommodate different tire sizes, ensuring optimal RPM at various speeds.

The Nitro Gear & Axle experts have simplified the gear change process by introducing industry-first "Gear Packages" – one part number, one price, one click away. Ensure a smooth installation by using 80W-140 gear oil (6 quarts required) and experience the transformative benefits of Nitro Gear & Axles Gear Package Kit on your Toyota Tacoma. This kit is designed to be used with automatic trims that come equipped with a factory E-Locker and manual transmission trims with/without the OEM locker.
2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma 4x4
3.91 & Stock Tire, ~1500 RPM @ 60 MPH, ~1750 RPM @ 70 MPH (NOT ENOUGH RPM!)
4.88 & Stock Tire, ~1950RPM @ 60 MPH, ~2200 RPM @ 70 MPH33” 4.88, ~1750 RPM @ 60 MPH, ~2000 RPM @ 70 MPH)
33” 5.29, ~1900 RPM @ 60 MPH, ~2250 RPM @ 70 MPH)*
  • Will not fit Dana-built rear axle
  • Fits 3.91 & up carrier
  • Fits the factory OEM carrier or ARB RD111
  • Only fits models with automatic transmissions and OEM E-locker or manual transmission models
  • Models with automatic transmission but lacking the OEM E-locker use an 8" ring & pinion, TV6-xxx-NG
  • Solid Preload spacer replaces stock type crush sleeve improving bearing preload retention, eliminating possible crush sleeve damage if the yoke is impacted offroad, and allows the pinion seal to be serviced without complete disassembly of the differential to replace a crush sleeve and reset pinion bearing preload.
  • Nitro Master kits include name-brand OE quality bearings.  

Front Ring & Pinion
Front Master Install Kit including Upgraded Solid Pre-Load Spacer
Rear Ring & Pinion
Rear Master Install Kit including Upgraded Solid Pre-Load Spacer  

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