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SSO Progress Update 11: Over 50 Bumpers Have Shipped and General Updates

SSO Progress Update 11: Over 50 Bumpers Have Shipped and General Updates

Dear SSO Community,

We're excited to share that our progress continues to accelerate. Now, you have the ability to monitor the progress of your SKUs by tracking their part numbers through the engineering and production stages. Simply locate your part number and follow its journey on the sheet provided HERE

Attached below, you'll find a selection of photographs from our recent visit to our manufacturing facility in Florida showcasing the production process of the Tacoma rear bumper. Additionally, we've included images of some jigs and ongoing work on other bumper models to give you a glimpse into our workflow.

Exciting Milestone: Dispatching 30 SSO-RBR-03-10 rear Bumpers!

We have begun the shipment of 30 back-ordered rear bumpers, part number SSO-FBR-03-70 - Slimeline Versa 20 with Bull Bar, specifically designed for the 14+ 4Runner. This pivotal moment marks a key phase in SSO's revitalization. Our dedication is steadfast: our mission is to clear all backorders and fully replenish our inventory.


General Update on all Production

While we're actively shipping bumpers, there's still a significant workload ahead. To enhance transparency and keep you informed, we're implementing two key strategies:

  1. Live Tracking Document: We have introduce a live Excel document for order tracking. You can view it HERE This will provide estimated completion dates for over 61 SSO products and will be updated with regular changes as timelines extend or contract. This is FULL transparency and as such they are subject to change as we work through the realities on the ground.

  2. Expanded Manufacturing Capacity: We're partnering with additional manufacturers to increase production efficiency and maintain our schedule.

Our initial target to complete all backorders by March has been delayed by about 45 days. We now aim to fulfill 95% of backorders by May. Completed bumpers will be shipped immediately, with some customers receiving their orders soon, while others may wait until early summer. The Excel document will offer a rough timeline for your specific order and will slide and adjust as we move alone.

We understand the inconvenience caused by this delay and are committed to fulfilling all orders. We won't stop until every order is completed.

That's all for this week! Keep an eye out for links to the excel document and how to use it! We're dedicated to maintaining transparency and our community connection. Your support is crucial, and we're excited to continue this journey with you at SSO.

Warmest regards,

William Davidson

New Owner of SSO

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