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SSO Progress Update: Week Nine - Innovations, Milestones, and Exciting Developments in Manufacturing

SSO Progress Update: Week Nine - Innovations, Milestones, and Exciting Developments in Manufacturing

Dear SSO Community,

Welcome back to our weekly update at SSO, where innovation never stops! We're bursting with great news from the production line. Our bumpers for the 4runner are going to begin shipping next week and shipments of the stage 2 wings has already begun! UP next are the bumpers for the Tacoma!

The Innovative Hinged-Door Rack System for Powder Coating Bumpers

To enhance our powder coating process for a large quantity of bumpers, we embarked on a creative journey to innovate a more efficient system. Our solution was the design of a unique rack system, featuring a hinged door mechanism. This innovative design provides complete and unobstructed access to the bumpers, significantly streamlining the powder coating process. We're excited to share this advancement with you, so take a look below at our new, efficient setup.

Celebrating a Major Milestone: 4Runner Stage Two Wings and Bumpers Now Shipping

We are thrilled to announce a significant achievement in our manufacturing journey – the commencement of product shipments! This marks a key milestone, as our 4Runner Stage Two Wings and Front Bumpers are now on their way to customers. This step is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication, and we are excited to see our products in the hands of our valued customers.

What to Expect Next in Your Inbox:

Streamlining Your Orders: You should now have an email in your inbox that looks like the email below. If you have not gotten this email, please respond with your order number, and we will help!

Once you get the email, follow the steps below to complete your backorder details and load your confirmed order into our system. 

To complete your purchase, follow these three steps:

1. Click the "COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE" button to take you to our E-Commerce store checkout.

2. Update your shipping address, confirm your products, and click "CONTINUE TO PAYMENT."

3. On the payment screen, confirm the total is $0 and click "COMPLETE ORDER."

To confirm your order and ensure that we have the correct information for shipping your products, please follow these three easy steps. We will send you instructions on how to update your coupdating your contact details and validatingour website. This is a crucial step to ensure that we deliver your rder as promised.

Once you update your details and confirm your order (at no cost), your order will be locked in and you will receive ,a tracking number when your parts are ready to ship. For those with gift cards, keep an eye out for a link and a code that can be seamlessly used on our website.

That is it for this week! We're as committed as ever to maintaining the transparency and community connection that define us. With your support, there's no limit to what we can accomplish at SSO. This journey is ours to share, and we can't wait to continue this adventure with you.

Warmest regards,

William Davidson

New Owner of SSO

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