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SSO Progress Update: Week Seven - Starting Work On RockSliders And Final Powder Coat Selection

SSO Progress Update: Week Seven - Starting Work On RockSliders And Final Powder Coat Selection

Dear SSO Community,

Welcome back to our weekly update, sharing SSO's latest happenings and plans. Your continuous support fuels our drive for innovation and excellence. We recently started receiving some of the 3rd party winches and lights which you can expect to start shipping soon! 

Milestone Achieved: Rocksliders enter the engineering department!

We have been working diligently to integrate all components of SSO into our system since the acquisition, this week we have shifted focus to the rock sliders that are essential for protecting off-road vehicles. This integration process involves rigorous quality checks and the development of precise 3D models using advanced CAD software, ensuring that all components are seamlessly integrated and function optimally. We want to ensure every component meets our high standards for quality and durability and integrates seamlessly with our engineering processes.

Final Selection of Powder Coat:

We are now in the crucial final stages of preparing samples of our powder coating. This step is essential to guarantee a durable and corrosion-resistant finish on our products. Our dedicated team is meticulously testing various powder materials to find the optimal choice that provides not only resilience but also an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Utilizing SolidWorks for Precision and Quality:

 In our dedication to producing top-quality products, we have integrated the use of SolidWorks, a leading-edge CAD software, in our manufacturing process. This sophisticated tool enables us to create highly accurate 3D models of our bumpers, ensuring precision in every aspect of the design. SolidWorks is crucial for identifying and addressing any discrepancies in the manufacturing process swiftly and effectively. Recently, this software played a pivotal role in detecting and amending a design issue in one of our bumper models. By leveraging SolidWorks, we ensure that each bumper is meticulously crafted to meet our rigorous quality standards.

What to Expect Next in Your Inbox:

Streamlining Your Orders: You should now have an email in your inbox that looks like the email below. If you have not gotten this email, please respond with your order number, and we will help!

Once you get the email, follow the steps below to complete your backorder details and load your confirmed order into our system. 

To complete your purchase, follow these three steps:

1. Click the "COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE" button to take you to our E-Commerce store checkout.

2. Update your shipping address, confirm your products, and click "CONTINUE TO PAYMENT."

3. On the payment screen, confirm the total is $0 and click "COMPLETE ORDER."

To confirm your order and ensure that we have the correct information for shipping your products, please follow these three easy steps. We will send you instructions on how to update your coupdating your contact details and validatingour website. This is a crucial step to ensure that we deliver your rder as promised.

Once you update your details and confirm your order (at no cost), your order will be locked in and you will receive ,a tracking number when your parts are ready to ship. For those with gift cards, keep an eye out for a link and a code that can be seamlessly used on our website.

That is it for this week! We're as committed as ever to maintaining the transparency and community connection that define us. With your support, there's no limit to what we can accomplish at SSO. This journey is ours to share, and we can't wait to continue this adventure with you.

Warmest regards,

William Davidson

New Owner of SSO

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