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SSO Progress Update: Week Three - Building Momentum and Looking Ahead!

SSO Progress Update: Week Three - Building Momentum and Looking Ahead!

Dear SSO Community,

Welcome to our Week Two update, where we're thrilled to share recent developments while reaffirming our commitment to transparency and excellence. Below is a recap of the latest highlights from the past week and if you missed it here is the the acquisition of SSO and Week 2 Update

Form Confirmation: If you haven't already, please review the link below to confirm your order. No need to fill it out again if you've already done so. LINK

First Production Run: We are preparing to move six products into our manufacturing process. These products now include a 20" universal light bar cutout, powder coat, bull bar, winch cutout, and handhold cutouts. They are in the final stages of development and are expected to be ready for production by December. The products are listed below:

  • 4 Runner Versa Bumper
  • 4 Runner Stage 2 Wings for Versa Bumper
  • 2016+ Tacoma Versa Bumper
  • 2016+ Tacoma Rear Bumper
  • 2016+ Tacoma Versa Full Bumper
  • 2016+ Tacoma Versa Tube Bumper


    Community Engagement: We are committed to connecting with the SSO community, and we have made significant progress. We reached out to 526 customers with outstanding backorders through personalized phone calls and voicemails. Ensuring that every community member feels valued and well-informed about their orders is our top priority.

    Innovation and Testing: Innovation continues to drive us forward. In addition to our community outreach efforts, our research and development team has been hard at work. We've successfully conducted test fits for the first article 4Runner bumper and have put five smaller SSO accessories into production.

    Your Feedback Matters: We always value your questions and feedback. For a quicker response, please reach out to us via email by replying to this message, as our phone lines are currently experiencing high traffic. Your inquiries are essential to us, and we are dedicated to addressing them within 48 hours.

    What's on the Horizon: Our unwavering commitment to transparency and community involvement remains steadfast as we move forward. With your continued support, SSO is poised to achieve new milestones. Together, we will continue this remarkable journey.

    Stay tuned for next week's update, where we anticipate unveiling even more exciting developments!

    William Davidson
    New Owner of SSO

    If you missed it here is the the acquisition of SSO update and Week 2 Update

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