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SSO Progress Update: Week Two - What have we done!

SSO Progress Update: Week Two - What have we done!

Dear SSO Community,

When we announced the acquisition of SSO, we committed to transparency, quality, and communication. This update is a testament to that pledge.

A Glimpse into the Past Week:

Website Revamp: Our brand-new website has successfully launched. While the initial offering is limited, we're diligently working to expand the available product range. Expect regular updates in the coming weeks.

Innovation in Engineering: We've introduced six products into our state-of-the-art engineering process, with more to come next week. Our approach involves cutting-edge 3D modeling and data acquisition tools, ensuring that every SSO product, especially bumpers, will fit seamlessly upon arrival.

First Production Run: We are ready to move six products into our manufacturing process. Each now includes a 20" universal light bar cutout, powder coat, bull bar, winch cutout, and handhold cutouts, and these are entering the last stages of development before production, with an expected finish date in December. The products are listed below.

If your order matches any of the products below, we will offer an upgrade/exchange option to accelerate the delivery of your order. Your original order will still be produced if you are not interested in an exchange or upgrade. If your products are not on this list, we are still working on them, and they will be included in a future update email from us:

Hands-on Experience: Not only did we invest in a truck for practical testing, but we also conducted a successful test fit with the first article from our manufacturing team of an SSO bumper. This hands-on approach guarantees product efficiency and user-friendliness.

Active Communication: We've had constructive dialogues with over 400 valued customers, sent large-scale emails, and engaged in over 2,000 emails, ensuring everyone is informed and heard.

Collaboration: The week was packed with five essential meetings, furthering our momentum and driving our collective vision for SSO.

Your Voice Matters: While we have been on a communication spree with over 3,000 emails exchanged, we want to ensure everyone gets an update. For swift responses, we recommend emailing us by responding to this email as our phone lines are experiencing high traffic. We're committed to addressing your queries within 48 hours.

Fill Out The Form: If you have not done so, please review the link below to confirm your order. You do not need to fill it out again if you have already filled it out. LINK

SSO Product Journey:

I've detailed a step-by-step process below to show you how our products evolve from start to finish. We invite you to review it, and as always, your questions and feedback are most welcome.

We hope to bolster trust and keep the community looped in by continuing our transparency. We're on this journey together, and with your continued support and our unwavering commitment, SSO will soar to new heights.

William Davidson

New Owner of the New SSO! 

If you missed it here is the the acquisition of SSO update and Week 2 Update

LASER CUTTING PHASE - Precision in the cut.

The first step is precise laser cutting to ensure accurate parts and the highest quality assembly when welding.


WELDING PHASE - Applying the heat.

Our skilled team handles the welding fusing pieces seamlessly. The result? A bumper that boasts both beauty and brute strength, ready for the road ahead.

THE FINAL RESULT - Crafting to perfection.

After welding, we inspect and prep for installation. Your bumper is not just durable; it's a metal masterpiece.


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